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Danai Gurira Gets Why We Live for the Living Dead
October 10th, 2017   Author: Tanea   Videos

The Walking Dead star talks being the number one badass of the zombie apocalypse and her side gig as a successful playwright and actress.

Danai Gurira describes her first day on set of ‘The Walking Dead’
October 6th, 2017   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead - Videos

Entertainment Weekly released another exclusive from the set of the recent cover shoot! In this video, Danai describes her first day on set filming The Walking Dead, in which she overheated and had to lie down. You can read more about her early days on set in the article at EW.com, but there’s an excerpt below.

“I remember my first day on The Walking Dead very vividly,” says Gurira. “It was definitely a huge adjustment. I was coming into the most humid heat I had ever experienced in my life. I was wearing a beautiful but new to me dreadlocked wig and I had very short hair for a very long time so I was like, ‘What is this?’ And then the whole day, it was just me. It was a scene in the beginning between me and Andrea and then it was just me, so it was a very interesting, amazing experience because I got to connect so directly with the crew, who of course are such a huge part of the TWD family.”

Gurira also notes that she may have pushed things a bit too far on the first day. “I remember I was working on my moves,” she recalls. “I was going into that convenience store to find some Aspirin or something to help Andrea, and I was working on the moves over and over again. I’m a rehearser, so I’m going over them over and over again and I just totally kind of overheated. But I was fine. But then I went and laid down to just catch my breath and it was like six people were on me like, ‘Oh my God, she’s overheating!’ And they’re taking so much care of me and I’m thinking, I’m fine but let them do their thing. ‘Cause they just know how to handle everything. They were nervous for me. They tried to ease me into this whole thing. It was amazing.”

‘The Walking Dead’ Stars (Try To) Sum Up The Entire Series In 30 Seconds
September 30th, 2017   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead - Videos

This is a pretty cute video from behind the scenes of the recent EW shoot, where the cast tries to explain all of what’s happened in the first 7 seasons in 30 seconds!

‘The Walking Dead’ cast covers Entertainment Weekly!
September 21st, 2017   Author: Tanea   Pictures - The Walking Dead - Videos

The main cast of The Walking Dead is featured on the cover of the September 29th issue of Entertainment Weekly! The photos were shared today, including previews of 3 different covers! The 3rd cover, which features Carol, Daryl, Rick and Michonne, will be available exclusively at Barnes & Noble stores beginning Sept. 26. Or you can order all three covers (or any of them individually) online here. You can read more in this cover reveal post by EW. And then as if that weren’t enough, there’s more pictures and a couple of behind the scenes videos below. This is amazing! 😀

Entertainment Weekly - September 29, 2017

Entertainment Weekly - September 29, 2017Entertainment Weekly - September 29, 2017Entertainment Weekly - September 29, 2017Entertainment Weekly - September 29, 2017

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Watch: ‘The Walking Dead’ The World Is Ours teaser
September 20th, 2017   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead - Videos

I believe this teaser was leaked a few days ago but it was posted to the official TWD Twitter account today! In it, you can catch another glimpse of Michonne.

‘The Walking Dead’ cast thanks the fans for 100 episodes
August 2nd, 2017   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead - Videos

The cast of TWD recorded thank you messages for the fans to celebrate their upcoming 100th episode! Watch below!

Danai Gurira at San Diego Comic Con 2017
July 25th, 2017   Author: Tanea   Black Panther - Pictures - The Walking Dead - Videos

I’ve put together a masterpost with a bunch of stuff from this year’s SDCC! Anything else I find, as far as professional pictures and videos from the event, will go here. There’s not much for The Walking Dead since they cancelled all SDCC press this year after a tragic death on set. But there’s still plenty of great Black Panther stuff. 🙂

Danai Gurira Entertainment Weekly portrait at SDCC 2017

SDCC 'Black Panther' cast portrait for Entertainment Weekly

TWD at SDCC 2017TWD at SDCC 2017TWD at SDCC 2017TWD at SDCC 2017
Black Panther at SDCC 2017Black Panther at SDCC 2017Black Panther at SDCC 2017Black Panther at SDCC 2017

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Comic-Con Trailer
July 21st, 2017   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead - Videos

The first official trailer for season 8 of The Walking Dead premiered today at San Diego Comic Con! Watch below!


Danai Gurira on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’
June 16th, 2017   Author: Tanea   Videos

Here’s the video of Danai’s appearance this morning on Live with Kelly and Ryan!


Danai Gurira at ‘All Eyez On Me’ Premiere
June 15th, 2017   Author: Tanea   All Eyez On Me - Pictures - Videos

Danai was at last night’s premiere of her new movie All Eyez On Me in Westwood, California. I’ve got pictures and videos from the red carpet. All Eyez On Me is in theaters tomorrow!

All Eyez On Me premiereAll Eyez On Me premiereAll Eyez On Me premiere

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