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Danai Gurira gives thanks & says goodbye to 2016 on Instagram
January 2nd, 2017   Author: Tanea   Features

Danai posted to Instagram for New Near’s and shared 12 things she was thankful for in 2016! Check it out below. She certainly had an amazing year!

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‘The Walking Dead’ 707 Sneak Peek Commentary + Live Tweet with Danai on Sunday!
December 3rd, 2016   Author: Tanea   News - The Walking Dead - Videos

New video commentary was released by AMC this week, featuring Danai adding some insight to the sneak peek we saw previously. The scene in this clip is also a little longer than that one, showing Michonne dragging the walkers away at the end. Everything I’ve heard says this episode will be pretty crazy!

AMC also announced that Danai will be live-tweeting during the episode on Sunday night! So here’s your chance to ask her questions and interact with her while the episode airs. I’m excited! 😀

Danai Gurira’s heartfelt message about ‘The Walking Dead’ co-star Steven Yeun
October 29th, 2016   Author: Tanea   The Walking Dead

Spoiler alert, if you’re not caught up with TWD. But I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the news by now. Danai posted this beautiful message to Steven on her social media accounts, so I wanted to share!


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